Raw Chocolate Peanut butter & Jelly Pie

This one was inspired by one of my patients.  He came in the office last week and said my Raw Cheesecake recipe looked good but he had a strong dislike for cashews.  It is cashews that give the “cheesecake” the cheese-like taste but I decided to rework the recipe to give it a completely different taste.  I hope you enjoy.  -Dr. Sal


1 and 1/2 cups of of wild raw peanuts

1/2 cup of dates

1 pinch or two of sea salt depending of how much you like a salty sweet taste.

mix in food processor with S-blade until fine in consistency but still crumbly.  Transfer to a bowl.

1/4 cup of dried coconut.  Put in food processor until it is fine with a sand to small rock consistency (or use shredding coconut).

Cover the bottom of a small cake pan or glass pan  with the coconut.

Now scoop in and press the date-nut mixture on top of the coconut as evenly as possible.  This is your crust.


Filling (The Chocolate Peanut Butter)

3/4 cup of lemon or lime juice

3/4 cup of agave or honey (I used honey in this one)

3/4 cup of coconut oil

1 drop full of dark chocolate extract (Medicine Flower is the company, I bought it on Amazon)

3 tablespoons of cacao powder

up to 1/4 cup of water to make it easier to blend

Blend all together in a Vitamix or similar blender until it is smooth, firm but not liquidy.

Pour this mixture on top of the crust and with a spatula even it out. Put in freezer while preparing the topping.

Peanut butter

Topping (The Jelly)

2 cups of frozen blueberries

1 cup of dates (to add some stickiness to the topping)

Blend the strawberries and dates together. Use as little extra water as you can to get it to blend.

Pour on top of the cheesecake (once it has hardened a bit)


Put back in the freezer for a few hours.





For best results, leave in the freezer and take out about 3-4 hours before eat.  After that  you can put it back in the refrigerator and I will keep for a few days