Low temperature food dehydrators allow for great variety in a raw food diet. They are a wonderful piece of equipment, especially for those new to raw foods, because with them you can create foods that are similar to the foods you were used to eating. During the early stages of transitioning to a raw diet, having ‘replacement’ foods makes the transition much easier.

The dehydrator allows you to make staple foods like raw breads and crackers, meals like veggie burgers, pizza and rawvioli, snack foods like kale chips and cookies.

Many people who follow a raw food diet eventually taper off eating dehydrated foods as they can feel ‘heavy’ after a long time of eating live foods. At that point, you’ll still be able to use your dehydrator to dry your soaked nuts and seeds.

The Excalibur dehydrator is very popular. It comes in a two sizes, 5 tray or 9 tray. They both take up the same amount of counter space, however the 9 tray model is taller. Usually the 5 tray model is sufficient but if you’re feeding a family or think you’ll be doing a lot of dehydrating, you may want to go with the 9 tray model. However no matter which dehydrator you pick, you’ll need a good amount of counter space with a 17″ x 19″ footprint.

Another model that is quite popular is the Sedona. One of the main benefits of the Sedona is that its heating compartment can be divided into two drying chambers to allow for more versatility. If you’re making two different recipes that use two different temperatures, the Sedona can accomodate that, while the Excalibur does not. The Sedona also has a glass front so that you can peer into the dehydrator without disturbing the temperature inside. The Sedona takes up about the same amount of space as the Excalibur.

Both the Excalibur and the Sedona dehydrators are available at Pure Joy Planet

Dr. Sal’s Thoughts:

I have the excalibur 9 tray dehydrator which is amazing and allows you to customize the temperature and dehydrate quite a bit of stuff at one time.  Set up and clean up is a breeze.

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