Yacon is an ancient Peruvian vegetable. It is sweet and juicy, low in calories, and very versatile. Often called the “apple of the earth” due to its inherent sweet and juicy crunch, yacon is extensively used in its native habitats as both a delicious food and an effective treatment for various ailments. While wonderful eaten fresh, this root also has a delicate sweetness that can be extracted and used as a healthy sugar substitute. It also contains a sweet form of soluble fibre (FOS) which has little impact on blood glucose and promotes a healthy digestive system

Nutrition: Yacon’s greatest attribute is its naturally high content of inulin, a complex sugar that breaks down slowly into fructooligosaccharides (FOS). The high levels of FOS is a quality that is beneficial for two reasons. First, although yacon tastes sweet, the sugar of inulin is not digestible and simply passes through the body. Therefore yacon only contains about half the calories of an average sugar source. Secondly, FOS promotes the production of healthy probiotics within the body, which can contribute to better digestion and colon health.

Uses: The syrup of the yacon has a similar flavor to molasses, and is incredible when used in sweet treats and smoothies.

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