Palmaria palmata, better known as dulse, is a sea vegetable that grows on the northern coasts of Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.


A 1/3 cup serving of dulse has only 18 calories. This is a heart-healthy food as it has no saturated fat and no cholesterol. With 2 g of fiber, this food is surprisingly filling.

There are 2 g of protein in a 1/3 cup serving of dulse. It is surprising to find this much protein in such a low-calorie food, which makes dulse is a nutrient-dense food.
Dulse has 122 mg of sodium in a 1/3 cup serving.  For such a low calorie food, dulse is surprisingly nutritious. It is rich in B vitamins, it supplies 10 percent of the daily value for riboflavin and niacin, 42 percent for B-6 and 23 percent for B-12.  It is also high in some minerals with 1/3-cup serving provides 19 percent of the daily value for iron and 9 percent for chromium. Vegetarian foods that supply this much iron are very rare.


It has a salty taste so you can add it to anything in place of regular salt.

Dr. Sal’s Thoughts:

A very nutrient-rich low calorie addition to just about anything.  Great source of B vitamins and iron.  I use it in place of salt almost exclusively adding it to a lot of my raw recipes and it is a main component of my Home Made, All Natural Sport’s Drink.  For lunch sometimes a snack on romaine lettuce and cucumbers sprinkled with dulse. You can buy dulse at many health food stores either in sheets or flakes but I usually by my dulse flakes in bulk through Amazon.


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