Raw Vegan Energy Bars

I use the term energy loosely and mainly to distinguish these from my Raw Vegan Protein Bars.  The energy comes from wholesome, all natural ingredients and not from chemical stimulants (i.e. caffeine, mate etc…).  Unlike my protein bars which are quite moist, these are meant to have a drier, more granola bar like texture to them.

Dry Ingredients

Raw Energy mix dry ingredients

Cacao Butter: 1/2 Cup

Raw Peanuts: 1 Cup

Raw Pecans: 1 Cup

Cacao nibs: 1/2 Cup

Golden Berries: 1/2 Cup

Goji Berries: 1/2 Cup

Dried Tart Cherries: 1/2 Cup

Raw Coconut Chips: 1 Cup

Chia Seeds: 1 Cup

Dulse: 1/3 Cup

Spirulina Crunchies: 1/3 Cup

Add each of the bigger ingredients (i.e peanuts, pecans, cacao butter) separately to a blender/food processors and pulse for a few seconds to breakup the size.

Add everything into a large mixing bowl

Wet Ingredients:

Raw Energy Mix with wet ingredients added

Blackstrap Molasses: 1/2 Cup

Raw Agave Nectar: 1 Cup

Mix throughly to make sure all the dry ingredients get sticky



Scrap the contents of the bowl onto a piece of wax paper on a baking pan and shape with a spoon to the desired height, length and thickness

Raw Energy Mix shaped and ready to freeze


Freeze for a few hours, remove from freezer, cut with a knife to desired size and enjoy

Keep in the refrigerator to enjoy for several weeks.  While last for months if you store in freezer and take a few out at a time a few hours before use.

Raw Vegan Energy Bars


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