Elaina Love

Elaina Love is an expert chef and instructor in raw living food. She is also the owner of an online raw food store and a website called ‘Pure Joy Planet’. Elaina Love has written books on raw food recipes such as ‘Elaina’s Pure Joy Kitchen’ where she shares her favorite recipes on raw food, vegan food and more.

Lifestyle and raw food counselor, Elaina Love has been informing people about the value and benefits of raw and organic food and healthy eating since the year 1998.

She also invented ‘Amazing Nut Milk Bag’ and owner of DVDs on ‘Introduction to Living Foods’, ‘Living Holiday Feast’ and ‘Journey to Natural Beauty’. Elaina Love has shared her affection towards healthy living with people via her books, DVDs and recipes. The success of her recipes can be seen by the fact that they have been published and accepted on an international platform.

As she discovered the reason behind her falling health and food related ailment, Elaina Love was exposed to the benefits and vast power of healthy and organic foods. Overcoming her illness with the help of right food, Elaina joined raw food classes and started adopting various healthy recipes and today she is not just an online casinos expert and scholar on raw and organic food recipes, she is also a teacher and a chef at ‘The Living Light Culinary Arts Institute’. She has her own website and catering business while she manages counseling classes on raw living food.

With the complete knowledge of raw food cooking and advantages, Elaina Love is also working as supervisory chef and a co-owner of café Soulstice, Elaina Love has given a new dimension to the world of healthy living and has redecorated the menus of spas, restaurants and cuisines worldwide with her raw food recipes.

Mother to a 7 year son, she also recognizes the importance of inculcation of healthy eating habits among kids.

Elaina Love has provided her catering services for many big occasions, famous people from Dr. Doug Graham to David Wolfe and many more known names and leaders.

She began her services by inculcating the knowledge and awareness behind the cleansing power of raw food and by providing recipes on various tasty and healthy raw foods, which can be adopted by every age group and are easy to prepare. Today, she has brought a revolution in eating habits and has changed the perception towards vegan and raw living foods among people.

Elaina Love has now become a popular name when it comes to healthy living, as she is consistently helping people in their health related queries on weight loss, positive eating, energy gain and much more.

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