Plant Based Eating Seminar (October 22nd, 2012)

Power Point Presentation: Its all in your Genes??? (By Dr. Salvatore J Tirrito MD, FACC)

Plant based Eating Seminar (July 9th, 2012)

Power Point Presentation: Intro to Plant Based Eating (By Dr. Salvatore Tirrito MD, FACC)

Power Point Presentation: Raw Lasagna Ingredients Breakdown and Nutritional Comparison (By Dr. Salvatore Tirrito M.D., F.A.C.C.)

Rawviolis and Cacao Clusters in Detail (By Salvatore Tirrito MD,FACC)

Sports Nutrition and Exercise Physiology

Women as Endurance Athletes: What You Need to Know

Diabetes in Endurance Athletes

Is being an endurance athlete dangerous?

Is protein really needed in endurance events?

How healthy is your sports drink?

Single or Multiple Carbohydrates Sources: which is better for performance?

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  1. D. Rose says:

    I attended your seminar while visiting Tucson from the Los Angeles area, and I must say that it gave me the push to go raw that I’d been searching for. I have a teen daughter with a severe nut allergy, which made me very wary of preparing raw foods in my home, but after speaking with Elaina I realized that I could easily substitute seeds in all nut recipes. Also, the food at the seminar was absolutely amazing. I saved some to bring back to my kids and my hosts, and they descended on it like vultures. I purchased two of Elaina’s cookbooks, and have been happily raw since my return to California. Thank you again for your efforts in holding this seminar. Best of luck in future!

  2. Eddie says:

    Leuk Yousaf.. juiste infoTasneem Sadiq: “Dit wordt *met name* ingegeven door het besluit van Saudie Arabie”Ik kan geen onjuiste info waarnemen, jij wel?Yousaf: ” *Alleen* de Pakistanen en de Indiers hebben het woensdag zover ik heb kunnen naa2ng….&#8a21;Veel van mijn turkse vrienden vasten ook vandaag 🙂 Ook leuk om te weten dat er in NL niet alleen Pakistanen en Indiers wonen (naast de Marokkanen, Turken, Indonesiers, Sudanezen en Afghanen) 🙂

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