Dr. Sal Tirrito practices a much more integrative style of medicine.  Although, he believes traditional Western medicine has its place, it is clearly not enough and is very evident by the fact  that there are billions of people taking medications yet as each year passes we are seeing rising rates of chronic disease and generally a decreased quality of life as we age.

Dr. Tirrito feels the reason modern Westernized medicine is failing us is because we place too much emphasis on treating the disease when we should be treating the person with the disease.  Modern Westernized medicine unfortunately deemphasize the importance of lifestyle as the causative factor in most disease processes.

He believes what we eat is probably the single most important factor. In addition to nutritional counseling, Dr. Tirrito also stresses the importance of regular exercising and mind-body therapies (such as meditation, breath work) to help one achieve both a healthy body and mind and free us from our dependence on medications.

Dr. Tirrito’s Office Locations:

Eastside Office
4729 E. Camp Lowell Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85712-1256
(520) 321-4800

Office Hours: Tuesday 8am-1pm, Thursday 10am-5pm

Rita Ranch
8290 S Houghton
Tucson, AZ 85747
(520) 321-4800

Office Hours: Wednesday 9am-5pm

Tucson Heart Center
2404 E. River Rd
Building 2, Suite 100
Tucson, AZ 85718
(520) 696-4780

Office Hours: Monday 9am-2pm, Friday 9am-2pm


5 Responses to “Schedule an Appointment with Dr. Sal Tirrito”

  1. Tom Alfonso says:

    How does fresh Olive Oil and Balsamics fit into your raw food diet- we would love to share this information with our customers

    • drsal says:

      I think balsamics, although not technically raw since they are boiled in the process of making them, along with olive oil are wonderful, healthier accompaniments to a whole variety of food to add flavor and variety

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  4. Wellington says:

    Oxidative stress/free radical cell damage seems to be a major issue for heart health according to studies pubmed.gov and the AHA. How would one consistently reduce that damage?

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